Friday, 19 August 2022


you're the in between

boy or girl

another remix of a remix

S T R A N G E R  2 3
w/stranger 18 bottom
volume up . 720p

a parting thought production
optimized for night vision

stranger, when you look at me

eyes strong as steel

light as day

born a mystery

you're the in between

a jim lamarche remix
from the album TWO LIVES
assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut

featuring the Roland System 8

source music: alison goldfrapp & will gregory
from the 2013 album 'tales of us'

S T R A N G E R  1 8 

volume up . 720p

optimized for night vision

a jim lamarche remix
assembled in logic audio and final cut

source music w/wouter de backer

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