Friday 26 September 2014

toxiK LoVE

 "baby can't you see - i'm callin"

i need a hit - baby give me it
i love you - ok i love - the IDEA of you

you're sitting there, end of the bar - all the bad tattoos
high milage, bad teeth - whatever - semi sagging breasts
having given birth already - multiple times
dirty, long blonde hair - bare legs
maxxed - hot - cat in heat

kinda wrecked - in a good way
screaming under your desensitized skin
mercy me - just give me one more chance
to show you - what I got 

t o x i K   L o V E

looking my way

in that ready radioactive reactionary relapse
you know - the one that wipes out a whole country
in a single blow - in a single glow
once we make eye contact
that familiar fickle 
fashion frame

frustrated - and yet

jesus - you are beautiful baby - moving in
let me buy you a drink (says she) - maybe more - if you behave
i know you want me (she's thinkin') - i can feel it now
that elevated pleasure pressure

driving across Finch ave traveling west today
crossing Jane street in Toronto
seeing dysfunctional people 
and the odd couple
walking together
sunny, warm
dark skin 

mascara berkas aching to get out 

yet another late September afternoon 
early autumn - 2014

all the women are either overweight or anorexic, ethnic
torn - tortured - twisted - tormented
seriously submissive

yep, she looks tired/sick/abused
and he's lean - a mission machine
they should be hand in hand
but no - they're very separate
no physical contact publically

no shame - no blame


oK, i'm thinking - my place - later
listen to some tunes, smoke a j - some beers
and maybe

we bond

maybe have babies
maybe even get married
if that's what's required
i'm wired

karmic collisions
with scars that show in tow
after i give you a good grillin'
you know, like we really meant it
forging our identity destiny in a single evening
of fermented fudgery

depositing my signature signal

so that those in the future
can see what I had to offer
how I rose to the occasion 

even if it was just for show

or perhaps maybe
just maybe

looking up and into something new

remaining optimistic
i'm thinking there's more to life than we think
more than what we're shown

can physically see

i mean - it's just a script
with room for improvisation



in the meantime
pass me another

t o x i K   L o V E

it's in the air - it's all around