Thursday 16 November 2023


always there

When I think of ‘home’ 

the first place I think of is 519 Edward Street in Woodstock

 joining Riddell & Wellington Streets 

one block south of Ingersoll Ave.

I lived there in 1961/62

1966/67, 1973/74 & 1979 


w/Pansy & Me

november '23 edition


My deaf mute Grandma Mona Batho lived there 

(her house) and I/we lived there off and on 

all throughout my childhood


Mom & Dad moved around a lot (separating when I was 10)

and Edward Street was where I felt the most grounded

 and at peace as a kid (Princess Public School) 

then later as a teenager attending Woodstock Collegiate Institute in 73/74 

then finally in 1979 for 5 months just before Mom sold it

and I moved to Toronto

 Dad was the wild-card - damaged
Gramma always there in the storm - always dependable

Edward Street was always solid land

Mona was a frugal, simple & kind soul, teaching me sign language

as a kid as a project (taking me on) and as a means

to communicate as so few could be bothered to learn

I later enjoyed talking to her on our hands

over the next 10 years until she passed

in 1977 

The giant maples in front; fir and cherry trees in the back yard 

lined with lily of the valley, grape vines and rhubarb that she made pies with

that were always sour because she never put enough sugar in them

An acquired taste, a snapshot

It was an appreciation of austerity

in a silence that could only come from talking to her

Quiet & dark inside. That subtle musky smell, 

glass bottled milk delivered daily by horse and buggy 

After dark, crickets and the CPR train horn at a distance 

falling asleep there was blissful & serene

I composed the music and put this video together 

a few years ago in remembrance 

of my favourite place on Earth

my home on Edward Street

720p - volume up

optimized for night vision

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a jim lamarche remix
from the album THREE LIVES
assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut

featuring the Roland System 8

a random file production

Edward Street - from the album Night Parachuting
© 1991 Spiral Sky Music, Toronto

Pansy & Me - from the album THREE LIVES

 for mona & pansy