Saturday 25 May 2013

sounding silence

there's a silence

it's almost anechoic, atmospheric ...
creeping, crawling back into the crevices 
in a delicate unexpected exposure 

which unfolds naturally

it's a silence where one can hear the blood 
rushing through one's head
in that familiar din of chaos and disrepair
in our dissolving

late in the game
it's beyond that experience 
of being up north
at midnight in the late summer months
the place where I was born
and lived - only years later

beyond words actually

ok, it's kind of like a thunderstorm moving in 
layering this musty sleeping bag above ground
falling asleep - cool air - gentle waves out there
on the french river in northern ontario
remembering the kodak momento

for now 

sitting on the bow of a simple sermon earlier
staring into the unknown

sounding silence

it's a tense sense of peace and tranquility that defies definition
it's a release from the cage
from all the tragedies and injustices 
that persist in resistance

our spaceship "earth"
is in a state of disrepair
who can save us


and so here we are
away from abuse
away from a blood thirst
greedy employers who want more
than they deserve
and getting it

far from the pain and suffering
away from everything
that hurts 

flashbacks are flashes of light 
refurbishing a cerebral landscape from a rolling rocker
drifting - a soft sleep that puts one's mind at ease

it's a frosty lens - carefully crafted
to a rumbling subsonic mutilation
rain clatter on a tenuous tent

feeling weightless
fumbling in a free-fall, hearing voices
in the vertigo

mommy and daddy
living the Canadian dream
mom getting pregnant early
subconsciously thinking - not much time
she's in haste management - he's in waste management
ok, dad's in a perpetual loop - procrastination masturbation
 not ready to engage on any level
that requires any real presence
and yet - despite the pause 
all part of his conditioning

all the appropriate appliances are in place  
a fridge full of cold beer
a late model car in the driveway
and a new black and white

anticipating technicolour 
on the small screen

a job that pays
and three squares a day
lovingly prepared by someone
who is supposed to mean something

dreaming of a new life
free from restrictions
free from the empty promises
of what can never be
calibrated correctly

it's going back
to something that's gone now
finding comfort
in the void

"i’m chasing more ideas
it doesn’t matter here"



it's in the water, earth ... sky
it's a release that envelopes us and yes

it's a reminder of who I really am
and what I want to experience
in the short time that we have here

it's what I want to remember
when I fade
to black

 sounding silence

and so
a return to the music 
that makes me feel whole again 
yet worth - another listen

"you crossed this line"