Wednesday 20 June 2018


c'est un plaisir coupable
just a touch of eyeliner 
and red lips is glamorous
monica belluci

L ' A g e n t  I N C E L
sound up

quand tu es à côté de moi

je me sens sexuel

un remix de jim lamarche
gateway house sessions/19
assembled in logic audio, photoshop and final cut

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the story behind l'agent incel

incels are members of an online subculture
who define themselves as unable to find a romantic
or sexual partner despite desiring one

a state they describe as inceldom

ok it's cheese but good cheese

fresh brie from a dairy farm just outside of Nice France
purchased at dawn, when their roadside stand is just opening
none of this Kraft Singles shit (made 3 months ago)
sweet? ok but imported chocolate from Belguim
or so what I would like to think

forgive me

it's just that when I have this much fun doing something?
I need to share it
I'm 63 this year and I need to do cool videos ATM
throw them out there - see what happens
not attached to a particular outcome
is liberating

this is what I call a 'quick fry'
started and finished in 2 days
non-stop - ok some embellishments
after a few hours of sleep
it happens

welcome to GATEWAY/19
and into a new cinematic album for 2019
and I have no idea where this is going

when I was putting the music together
I imagined this guy walking into a party full of beautiful women
alone, scared but looking cool
so I searched 'cool dude walking into party'
into youtube and this was like the 3rd clip down
I played it with the music and it almost fit perfectly
I have no idea who shot it

nothing existential here - provocative perhaps
earlier on, finding the song by marie-claire cremers aka 'amber' also on youtube
recorded in 1999 but re-arranged/remixed?  wonderful - slice/dice - add vocals/synths

editing it and remixing it in logic first, then ...
finding the pictures, putting them together and ok ...
this works (for me)

I kept seeing monica belluci for some reason
so she's here, with us

it's the beginning of a new series

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you know how sometimes you tell yourself
that you have a choice, but really you don't?
just because there are alternatives
doesn't necessarily mean
they apply to you

T H E   B I G   O N E

"I believe in a vision of equality, justice, freedom and multi-racial democracy,
built on the premise that all people are created equal."

Barack Obama

a jim lamarche remix
from the album THREE LIVES

Gateway House Sessions/18
assembled in logic audio and final cut
featuring the Roland System 8 synthesizer

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Tuesday 12 June 2018


look mommy 
 there's an airplane up in the sky 

a jim lamarche remix
Gateway House Sessions/18
assembled in logic audio and final cut


Tuesday 5 June 2018


I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful 
natural, wholesome things 
 that money can buy 

Steve Martin

R E D   L I G H T

a jim lamarche remix
Gateway House Sessions/18
assembled in logic audio and final cut