Thursday 21 November 2013

King Warrior Magician Lover

masculine shadow systems
connected to real life/pop culture
is revealing - even entertaining

Carl Jung was way ahead of his time 
still is

ok, look at "the Governor" 
in the TV series/books, "The Walking Dead"

deeply mysterious 
he envelopes all aspects of the masculine psyche 
in searing detail
in and out of the light
in and out of the shadows

King Warrior Magician Lover

yes, that character, Brian Blake (aka Governor) makes the series pertinent
because he is relevant

 just a man, human 
complex and most tactile, almost accessible
triggering all the feminine hormones 
because he's so beautiful to look at 
and just far enough out of reach
fighting a common cause
and yet disturbed

things happen
when we're faced with a life or death scenerio
surrounded by zombies who want
to eat us for breakfast
making us one too
i'm fascinated
by this 

"walkers" - "biters" - "adversaries"
doesn't matter

these paradox's, allegories, juxtapositions
and childhood fables measure up
there's a bitter cold wind swirling
outside - and i miss you 

good and evil
come delivered on multiple platforms/formats
let's just say that desperate measures
are sometimes required and

it brings out the best and worst in us
either way 

have another cognac
my friend

there is much to discuss

Brian Blake is beautiful for that very reason
because he's real - the driven antagonist
deeply moved in his quest for absolution
and yet utterly lost


embracing all aspects in all 4 quadrants
in real time - and before us
asking the question

who are you
what are you


ok, the masculine psyche is complex
and yet painfully simple at the same time
example; we see a beautiful hot girl
stunning face, amazing body/hair etc
then comes the familiar tsunami of arousal
lightning bolts forming into a congressional hearing
in our loins

only the bill is passed in a split second
our hunter, gatherer instincts kick in
and we seek immediate closure 
at all cost 

then - we see our daughters/mothers eyes in her
 and in a sudden flash and it all changes
we grow up.  how is that possible - every once in a while ...

we have a vision

something more important
than a delicious romp
in the flesh - perhaps 

it's an operating system in an antiquated technology
transforming it into a whole new discovery
allowing me to deliver this to you
just the way i want to
right here and now

sometimes, the unthinkable happens
we dissolve, surrender
beautiful actually
some men get it
most don't 

some create
some destroy

"hey baby - come here
i got big plans for you"

we men are fundamentally bipolar
in our gender rendering
granted some have learned
to seamlessly integrate our feminine natures
into our daily lives without the repercussions,
without the damaging homophobia
and all the ramifications
exposed in chaos

i'm still trying to figure it all out myself
it's really convoluted and yet
fun still

King Warrior Magician Lover


i see the masculine shadow system
daily in many way shapes/forms
and have learned to appreciate
all of them

all dimensions, all re-incarnations/refurbished restorations sold for 1/3 less

Daddy?  you still RULE dude!

on behalf of all men on the planet
just be patient - please

I've had my "come to Jesus" moment here

I'm doing 2 whole hours a day in the gym now
and i haven't smoked crack in a solid month
I'm a whole new man

speaking of "solid"
have a look at what I got going on down here
(subtle wink)

some things just don't get any better
than this

"if you are the desert
i'll be the sea
if you ever hunger
hunger for me
whatever you ask for
that's what i'll be"