Thursday 2 June 2022


fake a smile
no one knows you're broken

demi lovato


volume up . 720p
story below

optimized for night vision

a jim lamarche remix
composed & performed by Mark Clifford
assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut

featuring the Roland System 8

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the story behind the song

Recorded 43 years ago in a community college 8 track studio in London Ontario (all analog). Ah ... to be 22 again - we kinda knew what we were doing but were clueless at the same time.

In 1979, my old friend & musical partner Mark Clifford returned to finish his third & final year (Music Industry Arts) there after we had performed together in Major Hooples out of Kitchener. Touring in the large format was epic. Blast actually. Thunder Bay to Halifax (and everywhere in between). Hundreds of shows - serious fun.

Turns out, Mark's intimate & accelerated recollection of turbulent times closing out that torrential year (particularly amongst band members) lives on. A difficult memory. It felt like a 747 (landing), careening off the runway at 200 mph and crashing into a forest.

and so there's a dark departure, followed by a welcomed arrival. 

Crafting layered taped vocal loops (not unlike the U.K. band 10CC did just a couple of years earlier on their monster hit 'I'm not in Love'), only in a much humbler recording environment; playing all the instruments - including sitar which he still has, and engineering it himself. 

Listening now (4 decades later), it almost defies all logic that such a beautiful song production could possibly be created in such a rudimentary place (w/fondness). It's almost inconceivable that it gently unfolded into such a brilliant conception in such a quiet, unassuming setting (Fanshawe College), flying under the radar since. 

Major Hooples - 1978 (Matador - Galt/Cambridge)

(left to right)
Peter Beacock - baldwin piano, B3 organ, mellotron, arp synthesizer, vocals
Jim Lamarche - guitar vocals
Ed Miller - drums
Keith Stahlbaum - bass, vocals
Mark Clifford - guitar, vocals

Mark, (living in his hometown, St Catharines now) sent a .wav file to me a week ago (late Oct 2022), vaguely remembering it before doing it up after imagining a new mix launch after a few listens, enjoying it more & more as it evolved. Finishing an audio remix first, then seeing pictures; faces. Out of Logic and into Final Cut we go. So here we are. 

I'd like to think that it's a fresh take on a classic caper. Relevant? ... oh ya.


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Wednesday 1 June 2022


I'm lost in your lullaby

R I O U S   W Y S   2 2

composed & performed by Jim Lamarche
square-dance (imagine) - Embro Ontario. July. 1964
from the album - old friends. 1986/87
assembled in logic audio and final cut
first remix Toronto. Aug. 2018
second remix Woodstock. Nov. 2022

stars, fading forever lies

 volume up - 720p

there is no hope for

An extended family square dance - Embro July 1964.
Granny & Grandpa right down to us grandkids.
They always thought Ricky was a bit peculiar but this?
Bringing Brad and not even hiding it?
Jesus, this is embarrassing.

Other boys like them there
all under the radar.

Some gender tension there I guess.
They didn't care - love them for that.
Ya Ricky & Brad, whatever
I mean, who cares?

The rest of us had fun. 

Square dances later in secondary school
a safe & structured intimacy
in gym class - who knew?
All very heterosexual.

I lived for Friday mornings back then 
at 10:45 - noon in 1970/71.

All legal.


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1987 - spiral studio 
58 phoebe street, toronto

R I O U S   W S   2 2

it's nuclear cartoons
I just ran w/it.