Saturday 15 February 2014


it's a flat land - flat people - it's grey a lot
people drink to forget

ok yes, my trajectory is uncertain 
but at least - there's this
rusty remnant

it's my take on this wonderful film
having just watched it - inspired
it started further south
in a quiet place
years ago 

n e b r a s k a 

ok, Pointe Aux Roches Ontario
same difference - displaced unemployed
 french canadians living in shacks on welfare cheques
why here


orange buses take kids to school an hour away in Comber 
shooting mushy spit-balls in the rear seats through gutted bic pens
and it's always cold - even in summer
there's a train that rolls through 
every day, but never stops

mostly american owned summer cottages 
on southern Lake Saint Clair - remote
older local kids (a kilometer away)
have pellet guns and sling-shots
that can take out a cat's eye
from a hundred feet, hell
even mini-bikes and 

i'm not allowed to hang out with them (but do anyway)
ah, ok - not a whole lot to do here
7 years - in purgatory 



CKLW-AM radio (Windsor) to ease the pain
only because they play motown (and Grand Funk Railroad)
Dad and step-mom like it too
sometimes - but not always 
defaulting to Eddy Arnold
on the record player
in lit zone

Mom and step-dad have no idea
where we even are
far away

welcome to my life in 1968
on a shallow brown lake that looked a lot
like the broken sky

there's a dog turd in Doug and Wayne Poole's bedroom 
smells bad - flies/bugs - impervious
it's been there for a few days/crusty surface
their dad comes home drunk every night - smacks their mom around
Laura Poole just sits at the kitchen table smoking cigarettes all day
and waits for him.  showing myself out
before the shit-show begins

n e b r a s k a


everyone has a thorn in their side 
and a cut on their head 

it's about missing teeth
and false expectations
my childhood 

dad's fucked up again - sheeeit 
helping him get up - to the couch
"go to sleep - gonna be ok
in the mornin' "

it's a place that i'm most familiar with
too much time and not enough inspiration

i'm thinkin' 

maybe not your movie but mine
a film i just saw

highly recommended
ok, long story.  let's just say 
that i loved my music
at the time 

succinctly capturing the essence of my childhood
in Stoney Point Ontario with my younger brother  
flat-lands/grey-scales in black and white
a prudent production maneuver 

i'm just a bit confused at the moment
why is life so difficult anyway


just a question
just a tad curious, like you possibly are too
in front of a mid-afternoon fuzzy TV that gets 3 stations on a good day   

"thinkin' it's time for another round of beers Martha"

n e b r a s k a

thinking tonight 
it's all in the outlook
assessing and resolving
life is what you make it, yes?
heard that somewhere
before too

and regardless of the setbacks?
i'm much preferring to look onwards and upwards

i'm betting that you share that
with me 

dedicated to Glen James LaMarche
(1925 - 2002) 

(you could play the clip and re-read this whilst - recommended)