Friday, 19 April 2019


a playful innocence if you will

India is magic, dangerous
innocent yes, and yet - naughty
like kids sneaking out of bed
after dark, and playing

A A M   M A A A
crank the volume

a jim lamarche remix
from the album TWO LIVES/19
assembled in logic audio and final cut
voices by alla kadysh

"Chammak Challo Ra.One" 
with ShahRukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor


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or in the blog compilation/experiment (in progress)

the story behind garam masala

I lived and worked in North India/Punjab in late 2008
it was a whole new world - like on another planet
I was a fish out of water but loving this

a  2 day recovery from jet-lag in my hotel room, slowly waking
to this smell, no fragrance of a cumin and curry blend  
these sounds outside even the birds sounded different - surreal
getting up, looking out my window - clear blue sky
need coffee - squinting, sun is still tilted like it is in Toronto
 yet it's summer here - wow, a lot of street people, ok
and holy shit ... DOGS everywhere
and frikkin' dirty

diwali is tonight
I'm invited to a ritzy wedding reception in Sector 10 in chandigarh 
a better caste shall we say, a sizable staff, band/dj  
and fireworks, so I'm told (all true)

hot shower

having shampooed/conditioned my hair 
turning on the large flatscreen in my hotel room
channels upon channels of this dancing and singing crap
got kind of annoying the first day or two
then I just started watching it, mostly because
that's all there was, it seemed
provocative, hypnotic even

allowing myself to be pulled
the transition is gentle, but once you're IN?
no words

thinking, I'm looking at the whole country here
finding colour in the grey
a reason to live, someone to become
if only for 74 minutes

I was offered a job with all the perks in Mohali
invited to come and live there full-time

my own apartment, driver, cook 
and a decent compensation package
easy/simple and I turned it down 
now wondering why did I do that?

maybe it was because I wouldn't be able
to see my little girl grow up


Thursday, 18 April 2019


what do you want to be when you grow up
a firefighter? or a policeman?

what's your dream-job?

me? I wannabee a TV reporter!
and report the news

sound up

a jim lamarche remix
from the album ONE LIFE
assembled in photoshop, logic audio and final cut

flute/reeds by ron allen

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the story behind wannabee

it's that high pitched voice
like all the other wannabee soccer moms
desperately trying to fit in
and not say the wrong thing
'sorry' in every sentence
ok, you know her

always the same
"so jimmy, what do you want to be when you grow up"?
(thinking fuck off but answering politely)

when you're 5 or 6, the 'go to' answer is always

fireman or policeman, maybe a lawyer or politician; doctor? meh
ok, not too important - an honest living
putting out fires, locking criminals up
getting good guys out of jail if they're innocent
that sounds like fun

maintaining a sense of order

even better - what if we lived in cement blocks
painted blue on the inside - pretending we're outside?
flat ceilings, no windows and no doors ... protected?
white billowing clouds painted on the walls and ceiling

let's look at the bigger picture
just imagine

ok, even real birds actually inside our box
and what if everything we could ever dream of
was inside an industrial unit out on the I-90
with a hidden tunnel to the taco bell next door
and unlimited wi-fi within

just imagine

mmmhmmm potential

my little secret for the moment
and I would appreciate you not telling anyone
not even my friends - my loser sister
especially not mom or dad

there must be a way
I can make this work - for me