Friday 17 February 2017


you stand there staring ... into light
anticipation waiting, to ignite

b o r d e r l i n e s

there are the prisons we choose to live inside
and then there the prisons that choose us

we grow up in both, so we now know
what separates one, from the other

or do we?

either way
it's a lonely place
with not many people - well real people
a cold place - the food is bad

not a lot of love

I survived because
in the end

life wins
a new plan
presents itself

every time 

realigning our reason
calibrating our curricula
building new bridges
tearing down
old ones

been here - done this

trying to remember what it was like 
staying true to form - action affirmation - shaking
in this moment of 

one metal gate closes behind 
and a second opens
in front

stepping through it
 free again

barbed wire and electric fencing
it's part of my past


letting the sun in 
just for a minute, then two - then ten
appraising the potential

where do we go, from here? right
look up

squinting and feeling the warmth on my face
for the first time in months
thankful for this

no one waiting - never is

this world keeps spinning us around
and I may never touch

the ground 

 it's what I remember about you
always afraid to look back

now I understand why

b o r d e r l i n e s

as we look out into what's old
another mystery untold

another newborn star 
will shine