Thursday 31 August 2017


reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle drugs

Robin Williams   

we watch with sad eyes
as the seagulls fly above us
and the once wicked waves waver 
then flat-line in quiet introspection

the storm has ended - over
but the clouds still linger lofty
grey sheets passing passively
in a dying day

it's this feeling - a memory
and an impulse that returns


she gave up long ago
believed there was no hope
that no one could save her
that no one cared

but weather can be deceiving
sometimes hard to predict - unfair
because when we can't see very far
there remains no signage
no signals


and we miss that sliver of sunlight
in the shifting tide

U S E R  F R I E N D L Y



Saturday 19 August 2017


when I can't write
I feel like a block of stone
dreaming alone of nothing

a boat without eyes
for the oars
and no horizon



nothing to lose

music evokes pictures
pictures provoke feelings
one thing leads to another and ...
here we go - always at 5 am
a deaf woman sitting alone
looking out a window

an all American boy filling his face
at a hot dog eating contest 
champion eater - 3 years in a row
51 dogs - 10 minutes

a beggar in the garden
of Gethsemane holding up
an empty cup

staring into the night
no one listening
his last night
on earth

caroling crickets

a mother calling out her son's name
only to realize he's gone
in anguish; "Aadish come" again
no words left behind

no trace

hearing it - now seeing it

years passing
a trailer park just out of town
in Cabot Arkansas

she's been alone for days
big bag of Lays and another beer
at 1pm

ashtray is full and the place is a mess
staring blankly at the TV (fuming)

plus size house-coat
eating and screaming at Springer
because that f*cking bitch
needs to die

they're bleeping the sound but we know
what they're saying - filling in the blanks
reading their lips
turn them on each other
it's something my Dad taught me
watching you through my sterile scope
analysing - improvising

curious - cautious

me with money - you not
common and yet ironic
because I can see you
but you can't see me
because I am your


something still not right 
looking over my shoulder

you see - it's supposed to be
the other way around
it's ass backwards


I'm bathing in bubbles
surveilling the dark shadows 24/7
and still there's this haunting feeling in that

you're not afraid
but I am

Friday 4 August 2017


i'm not afraid of your suffering
i'm not afraid of your joy
i'm not afraid of your hunger 
your desire

i'm not afraid of your rage
i'm not afraid of your love
i'm not afraid of your lies 
or your truth

i see you
i feel you
i need you

i love you

 T E M P L E

tragic trajectory

It's a message to you alien creatures:
translated into English - my language

It's what you see, entering our atmosphere
A blue ball with brown blotches and bolts of lightning
You could probably land on the blue or the brown - preferably
but stay away from the dark parts that light up
because they are dangerous

Our sun is a star yes - a man

Our moon is just a rock - a woman
They sustain and heal us, so that we may live
In our shelters - homes or houses
and give birth to smaller humans
who carry on after we die or
cease to exist

Our children

Light skin and dark skin

continually presents problems here
Ok we don't always get along 

We fight a lot

We humans are really not so bad
Under-developed but basically good natured - really
We have our moments when we love others
Then we have others when we fear
 Especially you - an intrusion

We pray to Gods - different ones depending 
on what part of this world we live in

Religion serves and protects us
Even though many of us aren't religious

It's something we've designed/made up 
to appease the fear and suffering
ongoing and unrelenting
That strips us of our humility - our ability
to empathize with others

Despite our worship

Most will fear you - mostly because you're different
Because you pose a very real threat to our survival
Even though I know - you come in peace, and

That you care about all living things too