Saturday 2 June 2012

my name is luka

i live on the second floor

just don't ask me - what it was
just don't ask me - how i am 

yes, we are exposed to twists and turns
tips and tricks
i am fascinated by this one 
only because i see it everywhere
surfacing on the physical plane
wishful sexual dysfunction

this is the guy from montreal - far left
who recently cut his lover 
up into pieces
and mailed his body parts - express post

i have a theory

every once in a while
the shadow wants to expose himself
only - because she ever so desperately needs to be seen
this is a stretch - BUT - going there

tornado torpedo - typhoon tsunami
pass the popcorn
and settle back

ok, i'm no rap-star
but perhaps this fumbling prose is a start

it's all in the news - it's headline horror
a chance to be real - out there

maybe it's because i'm crazy
i try not to act too proud


luka rocco magnotta

they only hit until you cry
after that - you don't ask why

you just don't argue - anymore 

i'm the tormented trickster - my eye on the throne
the displaced lover - throw me a bone
the morose magician - i'll make you see
my twisted sister - on a mission of mercy

playing out my game of russian roulette - in style
using all my available resources for a while
seamless state of the art technology
download me in HD - while i'm still free
having everything and yet tossing it all into the sea
because - i can - no choice now - you have to look - at me

right here - today
my show - done my way 

because fundamentally - it doesn't matter
mother fucker - father sucker
i am hearing - too much chatter

and so dear friends and faithful readers
welcome back to yet another erase and rewind
a dance in dementia - a trip down another musty corridor 
(ah so i how miss - the twilight zone)

my name is luka

it's an invented name, but it's what i go by - now
many interpretations - mixed yet always curious
the result in lubricated rotation - carefully cooked - changing
depending on where my moon-mood is - and who i'm with
to some ... i'm gay and to others
ac/dc - what difference does it make
when you're evenly baked

ok, i'm a boy, who is a girl sometimes - flawless form
questionable karma in a perfect storm

am i a boy?  or am i a girl??  perhaps, you will never know
it doesn't matter - just going to make it so

it's a claim to fame
just needing 15 minutes
to launch my name

ok, maybe you still don't get it

i'm red hot

 i am larger than life

i am aphrodite and i am devout
hero and heroine
soon, you'll find out

i'll be whomever you want me to be - make me soft
take me and make me
because i am the one - who gets off

oh yeah
i kill things 

animals and people
 give me a cam

just don't ask me - how i am

i am part of something bigger and better
than YOU will ever be
because i am omnipotence personified

click and claim me

i want you to fuck me
before i kill you
my world is a non-linear extraction
in post-nuclear posturing
radiation sperm illumination - powder blue hue
only i am me - and you 

are just you

who is this piece of shit
chinese - extermination eclipsing ecstasy

i'll cut you and paste you, wherever i please
because i have you - on your knees

i can spew your body parts wherever i choose
cause in the end, i win and you lose
it's just assumed

that it's important news
stay tuned

my name is luka


i live on the second floor
i live upstairs from you
yes i think you've seen me before
if you hear something late at night
some kind of trouble, some kind of fight

just don't ask me - what it was
just don't ask me - how i am 

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