Thursday 3 July 2014

anti vaxxer

safe?  of course it's safe

is a barbarous practice
and is one of the most fatal
of all the delusions current in our time

conscientious objectors to vaccination
should stand alone if need be
against the whole world, in defense
of their conviction

mahatma gandhi

a n t i v a x x e r

the tobacco industry led the way 
for 50 years, cigarette manufacturers 
employed a stable of scientists 
willing to assert (sometimes under oath) 
that there was no 'conclusive' evidence 
that cigarettes cause lung cancer, 
or that nicotine is addictive and the masses bought it 

 hook, line and sinker
a marketing miracle

i am compelled to write about this
after recent events, most notably the new California law

which insists that all children going to public schools
be vaccinated, in compliance with a constructed system

where there is no room for debate
ensconced in an ongoing delivery system
that has been set up solely for the benefit of those
who profit from it

the pharmaceutical industry has trillions invested
in such a delivery system having done their battery of testing

only it's mostly superficial - for show

people are almost vehemently/violently polarized
in their views around it understandably
because there are so many mixed messages 

like should I assume a dominant
or submissive position?

we all had the measles as kids

it was part of the landscape growing up - spreading like wildfire
at school, having to stay home for a week
with red sores everywhere, the itching/burning
the cold sweats - tired/no energy
but couldn't sleep

it hurt and - it went away

why?  because our natural immune systems kick in
and most of the time saves us - and if it doesn't - we (god forbid) die
like we're supposed to ... it's a natural order

today (July 3rd, 2015)
I read about the first measles caused death in the U.S. - in 12 years
and so (obviously) now more than ever ...

"this peril is upon us and we need to DO something about it"
OK, tens of thousands die in countries like Africa each year
from various viral infections like the measles
billions spent on so-called rescue remedies
and pious precautions

a no-brainer

i mean, whatever
just give me what i need

i need a fakin fixx
a full-throttle NIN mixtape bungee jump
capped with lots of white powder
in me frikkin head - like right fakkin now


ok, what was that?  sorry

my question is a simple one ...
so why does corporate america all of a sudden, give a flying fuck
about people in Africa

like they care?  mmmn thinking - something not right here
the alignment - is out of whack
my hesitation/vexation started 
early on

i remember as a kid (1963), visiting my grandfather (heavy smoker)
in the hospital, having had a stroke
mom, dad, aunts and uncles
all standing around his bed
IN the hospital

smoking cigarettes
all OK - FDA approved
(ash-trays supplied by the hospital yet)

peering around backside - thinking - walls need paint
at 7 years old

grandpa died a month later
pulmonary embolism

just shut the fuck up
and have a smoke

super smooth
new and improved
trust me

* the figures quoted
have been checked and certified
by Lybrand, Ross Bros and Montgomery
Accountants and Auditors


"yepper son, one of these babies will fix ya right up"

the hypocrisy is staggering
and the ramifications are all encompassing

some people reading this will say no-no
"you can't even begin to compare the two"

same lies, made by the same people
and - for all the same reasons


so believe whatever you want to believe
but there is a bottom line here

we are pawns to the media who are in bed
with all the big corporations who control them
we believe what we're told - even defending the lies
all part of the plan

truth is - there's nothing in mainstream media
around what's really going on
in politics, economics or around the future health
of humankind - here in a flash
then gone

 no, this isn't about Jim Carrey's twitter rant last week
Jenny McCarthy, or vaccines causing autism 
 or ANY of this media/tabloid driven crap
no, this is about what is SO, 
 documented by the Editor In Chief of, Dr. Richard Horton
THE most internationally respected medical journal
  who basically spills the beans 
on what's really going on in the pharmaceutical industry
and with the vaccination facade

truth is, i actually believe
that modern medicine (even vaccinations) has it's place
and that a mindful implementation benefits us
only this - has gotten totally out of hand
there's a prescription for everything now
you name it - here we go
side-effects?  we got you covered
no worries

just make sure you have a good health plan at work
 because this (my friend) - is going to cost a fistful of dollars

a n t i v a x x e r

so keep reading the fiction (if you must), but
please read this (link bottom), if you want to know what's REAL
ok, if i was living in america right now
and i was told that my kid had to be vaccinated
in order to 'fit in' to society?

i'd be seriously considering moving to Finland

(maybe it's closer than i think)

Dr. Richard Horton