Monday, 9 November 2020



when I finally awoke, north/punjab
that late october afternoon in 2008
it felt like I was dreaming
I had slept for 2 days

it was the eve of diwali, a yearly thing
kinda like our halloween & christmas
rolled together over 5 days/nights

it was magic

turning on the giant flatscreen
in my ornate/cheese driven indian '3 star' hotel room
"the majestic" in mohali
(lotsa gold crown inlays, purple velvet drapes & shit)
a large bug lurking in a crevice

coming out from a wanky cool shower
thalaiva was on, a classic - a slow hypnosis 
sitting damp/towel, watching it for the longest time 
the whole movie - to the credits
thinking 'wow, bollywood is frikkin' cool!'
AND ... the thread count of these sheets

I felt like royalty
and was treated
as such

dress, downstairs, restaurant
window seat, coffee sir?  YES!
stepping outside - BAM

welcome to india
welcome to diwali 20
just a hop, skip
and jump

I  2 0
volume up

almost november
feels like late summer here
warm, the soft smell of curry
getting dark at 5pm wow
balmy breeze, lovely

smoke, orange lanterns, contained fires
musky fragrances, stray dogs, gifts & costumes

3 days to get here
and 3 months to go
I think so

optimized for night vision

from the 4 part mini-series DIWALI 20

collaborating artists/film-makers credited
in YouTube (to the best of my ability)
you are many

assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut

featuring the Roland System 8

 read more of Jim's blog posts here 

listen to the album ONE LIFE  >>>  HERE
(play all)

thanks to Alex, who gave me the idea to do these
bite sized - mini-series things

a celebration of india & the world


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