Wednesday, 22 June 2022



What’s that?

You want me to … what?

Move?  ... but wait!  

This is where I’m supposed to be - stuck here.

So you want me to be what?  

Stuck somewhere else?

I was served an eviction notice

on November 01, 2021

In the place I moved into 18 years ago,

on April 01, 2004 in north High Park.

Ok, it’s been a shift, struggle.  Awakening … pushed
out and into this, but wait ... wow!

I just wish this had happened 10 years ago.

6 days into my new move to my hometown Woodstock from Toronto, 

this mid June 2022,

having moved to the big city at 23 in late 1979

(yes, 43 years). 

A brand new realization, revelation.

You see, here's the thing.

I’ve been living in a dark fog

twilight twirling, since 2008. 

I didn’t know that until yesterday morning;

waking up to fresh air & new birds after sleeping soundly

for the first time in years (w/o medication)

in Woodstock.

It's like waking up out on the family farm

Eastwood, 1964 (a few miles away) - summer

before chores, crickets, rooster.

Aunt Allie already up

I smell breakfast.

Good to be home.


Clarity for the first time in a long while.

Walking out into the kitchen

then my chaotic living room

(still unpacking/boxes).

Holy shit - it's clear again.

Words can't describe it

I LOVE this place

Edward Street - from the album Night Parachuting
© 1991 Spiral Sky Music, Toronto


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