Monday, 9 January 2023


may the stars carry your sadness away
may the flowers fill your heart with beauty
may hope forever wipe away your tears
and above all, may silence make you strong

chief dan george
'ancient warrior' - kung fu - 1972

R O G U E  R I V E R
volume up/720p

optimized for night vision

a jim lamarche remix
from the album THREE LIVES
assembled in logic audio & final cut

featuring the roland system 8

source music:
douglas appling - greenland

photographed by gerard de thame for
tanita tikaram - twist in my sobriety
from the album 'ancient heart'
WEA Reprise Records UK, 1988

The story behind Rogue River
point aux roches '73

woodstock - jan. '23

I'm not sure 
how tanita tikaram's '88 classic 'twist in my sobriety'
& doug appling's newer haunted mix 'greenland' 
entered my orbit 
within minutes of each other - right
like they just fell in my lap
at the same time - ok

happens sometimes
I have lotsa lines out w/random returns
rearranging some

still, too easy - I'm suspicious
time to return to camp, take a nap
and think this through

the land was dry and game was scarce
worse, we were surrounded by cherokee

connecting some dots, hearing one then seeing the other
download accordingly, in & out of logic & final cut
I just put one on top of the other
I did very little actually
beyond blending them

little nip & tuck
is all

I grew up as a kid watching
chief dan george on TV back in the early 70s
he was on shows like kung fu, daniel boone & bonanza
TV star (big deal)

he was the first (kinda cool) 'indian' (redskin) who was good ...
calm, compassionate, wise
first impression

kind - (me like kemosabe)

at 12 confused, gawking up at my screen thinking ... 
who removed them?

half thinking, because that's what they deserve
the other half thinking otherwise




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a parting thought production

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