Friday, 17 December 2021


be a man

as children we gravitate one way or the other  

years before we even know what sex is 

what it means and what the ramifications are  

the junior kindergarten boy 

who instinctively reaches for the doll 

while another reaches for the soldier 

puberty miles away  

it’s embedded in our constitution - at conception

Curve ball

Then they come … girls.  I mean WTF is that?  They’re softer, kinder - different.  Fascinating.  Worthy of a closer look.  Soon after I find out one night in the kitchen - while Mom is preparing supper, that girls can get pregnant and have babies?  Wow!  How does that work?  

Girls rock!  Oh wait. Did I say that too loud?

Tick tock block. Dad stumbles in after dark. Drunk again. Running for cover.

Firing up a smoke/beer & movie w/John Wayne and laughing for some reason.

Time passes ... what is he laughing about?  The sound of silverware on a plate cutting pork chops merged w/gunshots from a classic western.


Barking out something to Mom (washing dishes) that's not very nice.  Something about the food. Just a flicker from a TV through a crack in my bedroom door - all part of the inventory.  What's wrong w/this picture?  A dream? ... why am I alone here?

So ya ... boys & girls.

We’re one or the other physically … and both spiritually (all of us).  Feminine men, masculine women and everything in between. Many make the transition smoothly, like a graceful cinematic crossfade in any given moment while others struggle in isolation in a small boat in a lightning storm, hanging on for dear life.  Most carry on with their lives quietly and no one is the wiser.  Ghosts.

The most interesting, grounded and insightful people I’ve ever met are both genders, integrating the male w/female effortlessly & unnoticeably.  A humble confidence that most envy, elevated self esteem as they aren’t attached to being a 'guy' or 'girl' because they know they are both, and welcome it.  

They are gender fluid.

Blue pill, Red Pill or Black Pill ...

What I’ve learned recently in reading/research & podcasts is that those born autistic are prone to glitching later on.  It’s the fall-out when certain synapses in the brain don’t connect the way they’re supposed to (developmental disability).  Then add malevolent conditioning (broken parents) and the problem spirals.  They become gasoline on the fire and certain children become blocked up, becoming worse & worse over decades to come.  Collateral damage.

Abuse, addiction, impotence, homophobia & misogyny are all debris from the tornado that rips through daily in those on the spectrum, causing confusion & chaos, sometimes leading to violence and destruction (beyond themselves). Psychotherapists & Chiropractors have a lot in common ... it's all in the alignment.

Stranded, alienated & afraid - they wait.  Any form of acknowledgement, care & attention is welcomed.  What's this internet thing?  Perfect.  Give me a target.

For me it is becoming obvious that this fracture in our gender identity (on a human scale) is universal, and is the cause of most worldly disorders all spawned by sexual dysfunction & delusion. Almost like a spiritual pandemic that goes unnoticed (not important).

Glitch > pause > deep breath > realign

The good news?  It can be fixed!  ... ok in some cases.

Good counsellors will see the fractures early on and will facilitate repairs almost immediately, only it requires a willingness for the participant to trust the process and a big commitment to healing. Time. That may take some convincing evidence, judiciously integrated.  Those impaired connections can be reinstated and the flow may become smooth. 
Maybe for the first time.

Gender should be celebrated, not defined.  When it is?  Magic happens.


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