Sunday, 5 September 2021

manhattan transfer

I'm the daughter of refugees 

the immigrant mentality is to work hard 
be brave, and never give up
in your pursuit of achieving 

the American dream

reshma saujani

all is well at ground zero


A N H A T T A N  T R A N S F E R
volume up, 720p

optimized for night vision

a jim lamarche remix

from the album ONE LIFE
assembled in logic audio and final cut

featuring the roland system 8

source music w/tassilo ippenberger, thomas benedix & stephan bodzin

see the ONE LIFE album/page here >>>

see the new TWO LIVES album/page here >>>
see the new THREE LIVES album/page here >>>

read more of Jim's blog posts here 


project credits/contributors/links listed below
listen to the youtube album ONE LIFE  >>>  HERE
(play all)

special thanks to GRADO LABS in Brooklyn NY
for understanding how headphones
should be made


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