Thursday, 12 August 2021


she had nothing left to offer
but her best
so she summoned 2 great eagles
to take them to the mountain
on their quest

J O U R N E Y  S O N G
volume up, 720p

optimized for night vision

a jim lamarche remix
assembled in logic audio and final cut

recorded in 1976 at Fanshawe College
London Ontario

composed & performed by Don Spanner

the story behind 'journey song'

In 1976 Don Spanner & I were students

 in the Creative Electronics program

Fanshawe College, London Ontario

that April it became M.I.A.

Music Industry Arts

It was a special time

blindfold weekends - 3 hour classes

listening to whales, Walter/Wendy Carlos, John Cage & Tomita

in the dark - experimental listening  

the earliest days of M.I.A. there

a liberal arts recording studio/program

in a community college

in southwestern ontario

dedicated to sound


way cool

later at home

Pink Floyd, Supertramp, 10cc, Jethro Tull

and an endless mix of amazing music

happening then

He was a year ahead of me

3rd year when I was in 2nd and we never really connected

Don was the quiet little guy 

who always carried his special/expensive acoustic guitar w/him


A folky.  I was a rock guy so ya  

A quiet smile in the hallway or hearing him play it

in the lounge by himself, later on

strumming & singing

that voice - unique

from a distance

Always thinking ... 'what's really going on there?'  

These 3rd year guys

are mysterious

A month later, I was down in the dark crevices of the studio

I caught this being played the day after it was mixed

The first verse blasting on the studio speakers  

just 3 of us there

peeking in

I was always snooping around

wondering what the 3rd year guys were doing


Journey Song's mastermind

Mike Jackson (about to graduate)

welcomed me in to listen

in the back, in the dark

my jaw slowly dropping

as it played loud

he wanted my honest opinion

who does that anymore?

It changed my life

I was ready to leave Fanshawe after that 2nd year 

(just a few months away)

A lot of unrest in the program/changes

most did leave


After hearing this

I walked out of that studio knowing

 I had to finish this program

finish my final year

and graduate

This was the magic I came here for

I'm so glad I did that

Connecting w/Don recently

via Facebook

45 years later - a fond remembrance

of a timeless classic

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special thanks to GRADO LABS in Brooklyn NY
for understanding how headphones
should be made


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