Wednesday, 10 March 2021


it's this dream I keep having
dark drones

I get up, make hash tags of what I've just seen/heard
drop them into text-edit ... save
return to bed and envision them
slipping back into my slumber at 4am
smile, snow, wind ... the familiar echo
from a distant rail

maybe tomorrow I can plant them in youtube
and watch it grow

there's no knowing
what will happen

volume up, 720p

optimized for night vision

growing up, I had 2 dreams over & over again
tornados and trains

not sure why the thing with trains
a fascination that I didn't want to admit to
but am for the very first time

trains smell amazing
sound amazing
when I later rode on them I always loved it
peaceful, quiet ... reflective
the passing landscapes

people rolling along, from a departure to a destination
on a short path - going somewhere


the reason I love this one so much
is because it was effortless


a jim lamarche remix

from the album THREE LIVES
assembled in logic audio and final cut

featuring the roland system 8

source music: w/colby sixx

train footage by bababouy

courtesy nordland railway

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project credits/contributors listed below
listen to the youtube album ONE LIFE  >>>  HERE
(play all)

special thanks to GRADO LABS in Brooklyn NY
for understanding how headphones
should be created


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