Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Ukraine is the teenage girl who wants to leave home and join a rock band because her boyfriend is the guitar player.

R U S S I A  V S  T H E  W O R L D


Ok, someone help me out here.  There’s a war in Ukraine and I just don’t get it.  They’ve been flirting w/NATO (essentially the U.S.) for a decade by slowly/quietly importing U.S. sympathizers & financiers running the show now (lovers sneaking through the bedroom window when parents are asleep & crawling into bed with their little girl); wanting to be part of ‘the west’ (promises of money, jewels & gold) and the Motherland (USSR/Russia) is saying no (foot down)!  How is that fair?  Better question?  Maybe it’s none of our business OR is it?  Ah, poor Ukraine needs our help. Sounds suspect to me. 

Sounds more like the U.S. would like to set up shop (missile launch sites pointed at Moscow) right in Russia's back yard, while raiding the pantry (billions in resources there). Is it any wonder Mother Russia is pissed?  It's just common sense.

Ukraine is the teenage girl who wants to leave home and join a rock band because her boyfriend is the guitar player.  Parents need to let go at some point yes?  Question is … what are they holding on to?  Answer: that little piece of the world/them, that they can still call, theirs.  Even better, why are we even there?  Why are we interfering?  

So whatever. Ukraine saying they’ll become neutral if the motherland backs off BUT, US/NATO continuing to supply them w/state of the art war toys?  Sorry but WTF??  What do you really think is going to happen here?  Oh right.  Once Putin takes Ukraine, then he’ll want all the Baltics then maybe ‘world domination’ like Hitler wanted? Just STFU! 

NEWSFLASH: dictators are abundant here too, only they wear $10K suits and sit in board rooms (benefitting from 'legally' tricking you while convincing you that the bad guy? ... is over there - pointing), so just don't give me that but ... but horse shit.  What’s most disturbing?  We are on the brink of WW3 only this time nuclear! Freedom you say? You are being fooled (hook, line & sinker)!  This pandemic winding down?  Multiply that nightmare by 1000!  All their fault tho right?

Worth it? Yes. To a select few (and their hundreds of millions of devoted followers), convinced that their interests are protected by their patriotic virtue, freedom fighter fortitude. Dictators all look & sound different and they're everywhere (not just Russia). Our dictators are just a whole lot less obvious but equally deceptive & cunning.  I am left with one overwhelming sentiment here ...

Leave them alone!  It’s none of our frikkin' business FFS.  They were in Cuba in ’62 (our back yard) and it pissed us off and we threatened them w/nuclear and they left!  They don’t get to feel the same now?  If nothing else?  Hypocrisy is abundant in the west and the Military Industrial Complex remains hungry. Money & power rules. It's a trillion dollar investment. Regular exercise is required.  We don't own them. Let Ukraine remain neutral, oh and NATO?  Get the fuck OUT of there!

in closing:

Throwing rocks at a hornet’s nest can only go bad.  Our future is in the hands of a few dozen men who want & need to break them & take what they think is theirs. It was never yours ... doesn't belong to you.

Let it Be. (Mic drop)


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