Friday, 19 June 2020


I wish you were my runaway
my spark in the dark

volume up

all I ever wanted
was to be in the water
with you

a jim lamarche remix
assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut
featuring the Roland System 8


directed by trewan howard, heb hardwick & thom novi

music composed & performed by
Jesse Mac Cormick

what if

she's right there, wearing your red wet
and she's wearing yours
get her off me

I love taking random shit off the internet
and smushing them together - adding some moisture
flavouring - it's fun

my daughter Jade turned me onto this
she went to one of Jesse Mac Cormack's shows
at the Drake Underground, here in Toronto about a year ago
she told me there were 15, maybe 20 in a room
that could hold hundreds - a year later and what's this?
this is something brand new, just released (June 2020)
and wow ok - this is the best music I've heard
in months ... maybe years

looks like a multitude of eclectic art rockers still exist
in Montreal - and young - and brilliant  
the world's best kept secret
(or so it would appear)

the stuff Jade sends me is usually pretty cool
but THIS?  sublime on so many levels
moved me to the core - the desire ... the anxiety
lots & lots of layers - lovers - memories
3rd or 4th listen I was hypnotized by its perfection
every time listening, I was seeing and hearing new things

thinking ... what if?  
is it even better now?  not a clue but assembling this?

was a blast

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