Saturday, 22 February 2020


I'm not afraid of your suffering
I'm not afraid of your joy
I'm not afraid of your hunger, your desire
I'm not afraid of your rage
I'm not afraid of your love
I'm not afraid of your lies ... or your truths
or of the prisons you choose to live inside
I see you
I feel you
I need you
I love you

volume up

optimized for night vision

music by jim lamarche
from the album TEMPLE REDUX
assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut

featuring the Roland System 8

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the story behind entangled OM

temple redux is 25 years in the making

in 1995/96, I received a Toronto Arts Council grant 
then a FACTOR loan
to do a new world music album

I called it temple

having to rush it’s completion
(because FACTOR gave me a deadline to deliver CDs)
it fell short, even having taken 2 years
seeds were however planted

I've since dissected & remixed it (3rd time)
now here in 2020 finished

my first inspiration came from having watched
a scorsese film years earlier
called 'last temptation of christ'
and the soundtrack blew me away
I bought my first CD player that summer (1988) 
and listened to peter gabriel's 'passion'
endless times, fascinated
several years, then even decades later
and finally

temple redux

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