Saturday, 10 August 2019


sometimes, I just want to be invisible
and be able to fly, despite the danger
a dream I keep having
I want to be

U N D E R  T H E  R A D A R
volume up

optimized for night vision

a jim lamarche remix
from the album ONE LIFE
assembled in photoshop, logic audio & final cut

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the story behind under the radar

sometimes, I just want to be invisible
I mean, I wish not to be seen
it's just that - If they see me
they'll likely want something

maybe they'll take me somewhere I don't want to go 
and make me do things 
I don't want to do

that's why, I want to be invisible

it's a love story
requires patience and maybe a few looks/listens 
to see it - hear it

an invitation to engage

U N D E R  T H E  R A D A R

listen to the album ONE LIFE 

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