Friday, 12 January 2018


if all you can see
is what doesn't work
then you shall live in a world
where nothing works

don't trust you
ya, you look strange - where u from?
what you lookin' at?

yer not American, not Canadian, swamp dark
now ME, let's talk about me

I was BORN here ... belong here
it be my God given right to live here, without you
ok, we let you in but you need to learn to tow the line
step back and take a bullet for the dream team
I mean, we landed on the moon!  Invented the computer!
what have you done? (thinkin' jacksh*t)
WE made this world what it is

don't like?
just go back to yer sh*thole country and die then
I have everything I need and I aim to keep it!
you can't take it away 
all mine


a jim lamarche remix
January 2018 - Toronto
Fear N Loathing - House Sessions - VOL 1


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