Tuesday, 6 October 2015

old friends

four and forty blackbirds, singing daydreams

o l d   f r i e n d s

old friends

home - homeland
throw your worthless coins into my case

The title track from the album that was never released commercially.  Old Friends was recorded after I moved to Toronto in early 1979 after a 2 year hiatus from the studio.  I was 22.  Acoustic ballads were not big back then, so it wasn't submitted as a possibility for my 2 albums released on A&M/UMG (later on), but I always liked it.  No synths/samplers, computers or drum machines back in those days - just my guitars and now a recording studio at my disposal.   I didn't sleep for 8 weeks.

I got into Kensington Sound, Toronto as an intern of sorts, through a government program called OCAP which allowed me a short window to do something in the field in which I was educated.  Best part, is that I was given keys and security clearance, so I went in at night (after normal hours) and spent several weeks playing with ideas on my own and this was the first song I recorded.



One thing that's really cool about being in a studio at 4 am, in yet another cold, late Canadian winter storm in Toronto (wet freezing snow), recording voices when everyone else is asleep, stumbling home at 6 (sun rising) - for a noon callback - beyond that?  ... is that one comes up with ideas that would never have appeared if others were present - making it all more intimate. 

The high voices were recorded at half speed (15ips) on the 16 track analog recorder and then I put them through a Marshall Time Modulator (the vibrato effect), after bumping the speed back to 30ips.  This song was remastered in 2010 with Wave plug-ins and pulling it up recently, listening - OK ... let's put some pictures to it in October 2015 - 36 years later.   Yes, this is an old friend.

My best work has always been done fast.  I wrote this song in a couple of hours before recording it that night in 6 hours (March 1979).  This clip was assembled here today, October 06, 2015 in 4 hours.  A 12 hour conception front to back.  What a blast.  



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