Friday, 15 August 2014

the reaper

"step into my office"

sit still
and close your eyes

ok, let's not talk right now
just - breathe 
in and out
there you go 

Jesus, you're lookin' good today

t h e   r e a p e r 

it's a concept that's ages old
it seeps out of the cracks
of an ancient cesspool
and into your disturbing dreams at night
often revealed in what whispers
you know - the worm ones

stuck in your throat
pulling them out
throwing them on the floor
and running away from them
because they want to return
and consume you 
and all too often

articulately acceptable
certainly accessible
allowed to fester
even multiply

because they got all the angles down
the loop-hole loopster
the tantalizing trickster
ready to 'serve'

"bend over ... you're going to like this"

"this is a slam-dunk"

yeah, like that - stand there now
just like that


ok no guarantees
(and no refunds)
but ok, we got this - "in the bag"
no worries - relax baby
take a chill pill 

yeah, just keep doing
what you're doing here

"I think we can work something out here"

it's all in the creepy conquest

it's the shady lawyer or immigration consultant
(who always looks good - toned, trim and tanned always)
could be an investment broker or a
parent (in sales) at the PTA meeting
who 'likes' you and wants to lend
a helping hand
is all

moving up from behind
sizing you up - checking out
your amazing ass
imagining the pleasure 

always on the prowl
for that next opportunity
to seize the moment

deluded, desperate
but cucumber cool
on the surface

almost always a 'respectable' member
of the community - with framed testimonials
on his office wall - italian leather 
and a track record of satisfied customers
in plain view, with all the trimmings
the Armani suit, Piloti shoes - new Lexus
the trophy wife and the vacation home
in an all too familiar family

regardless - all good
i mean - ok

it's all in the numbers
trapped in the (twisted) tracking
just look at my (fudged) KPI key performance indicators
they're mint

it's all in the stats
always ahead of the game
and always on your side

"I believe in an America where millions of Americans
believe in an America - that's the America millions
of Americans believe in
That's the America I love"

Mitt Romney (January 2012)

god bless america

it's all in the 'pitch'
those familiar handy hand gestures
formulating the facade
only visible - to those
who have been there
done that
appealing to your most vulnerable 
weakest link

what you see - is what you get

catching you off guard
sinking in the seduction
timing is everything in the art and science
of persuasion 

it's in the robot software 
that parses your words to filter
you into the blow-job of your dreams
once you crack
the code 

and once you're on the grid
detectable by radar - you're IN

it's in the small print at the bottom of the contract
ready to be exercised at a moment's notice
the deceptive disclaimer
in a hidden agenda

that only THEY know about

so trust me
i'm really a good guy - really
i have nothing to hide
i'm on your side

"no worries ... I got you covered"

your family will benefit
your (smoke-show) wife Trixie, little Billy and Suzie
all on the receiving end after you qualify
after you make this important choice to move forward here
let's do this

it's all outlined in the agreement
and it's a no obligation deal
with a free taco bell meal
for 4 - complimentary
all free

just think of the memories
you'll have

we just need that $500 deposit and your signature
debit or credit - and we're a GO!

i mean geez - does it get any better
than this?

angel milk dear sir
fluffy pancakes, like you've never tasted before 
think - fresh fruit and
maple syrup


t h e   r e a p e r  

all you gotta do is comply
do this and you'll be glad you did
what was your name again
stacked cords of wood
that never get

even in winter 

no real warmth

no worries, just relax
i've got something to show you
switching gears

hypnotize me
feed me

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