Friday, 21 March 2014

american selfie

sweet dreams are made of these

this is just going to take a minute
you're intense and need a stabilizer  
a tranquilizer, a maximizer
just a little bump
to keep you
on toppa


a m e r i c a n   s e l f i e

that friendly - feminine voice - the voice of comfort 

relax - ok just shut
the f*ck up and listen
ok, your finances are low
and your blood pressure is high
we can fix all that

whispering - shhhh

 ok, we've developed this little cocktail
just for you and you're just right for the trial run
good news - i've just talked to my manager 
congratulations!  you're IN

yes - you qualify!

just be patient - ok not just yet

if you believe in the prescription transcription
it's new, improved and approved
you're doing just fine


oh right, your insurance may not cover this
do you have a back-up plan 
a contingency - i mean

credit card perhaps

who am i to disagree

there you go - are we feeling better yet
oh more - you want more - no
that's not how this works

who do i work for ?
not important

i get angry sometimes
assholes - all of them
no worries - i got it all in check
it's all about the reassurance
i've been recruited
by the best

trust me, it's all i ask
it's all going to be

rage/rape management comes with membership
and i'm an employee - yep big perks
ok like, you - can be just like

travel the world - and the seven seas

we've got this all under control
OMG like - i got this phone 
and can take pictures
of myself in like - high def
and post them on-line
with my friends

i can even have "friends"
that i don't even really have
how frikkin cool
is that


everybody's looking for something

so ok, enough about you - let's talk about

i gotta story to tell and gosh darnit
i'm gonna get this out there

the american dream can be real
you just have to believe
this is a slam-dunk

some of them want to use you

just follow along and remain calm
it's all i ask

your paralysis progress report will be available
on-line in just a few short weeks
- at - 
oh and your membership comes with 24/7 tech support

just sign in with your username
credit card number 
and password

we got you covered - you're beautiful
you're going to be

a m e r i c a n   s e l f i e

until then

just relax, strapped in
put on your high fidelity ear-buds
and drift into your familiar slumber
oh you like the "Beebs"
get the f*ck out


yes, you too can be a "belieber"
hey kids - just plug and play

medication is not that bad really
once you get used to it

some of them want to be 
used by you

it's like taking that little trip back home
and into that comfort carnival
that you've become 
accustomed to
only better

because we have this way
of making the pain go away
while you still maintain 
your 3 squares a day

hey mom - STOP EATING!

oh right, did i mention - there's a disclaimer
nothing important really
it's just this contract you need to sign
ok, right - right here 
on the dotted line

this is something you're deciding to do yes
it's not something that we can ultimately
be responsible for

i'm gonna use you
abuse you

 no worries - all ok, just relax - just surrender to the process
you're worth it - remember that we're looking out for you
we're on top of things

no worries


a m e r i c a n   s e l f i e

sweet dreams
are made of these

you're not alone - no, not just yet - but hey
there's a movie coming out soon - top shelf
and you my friend 

are in it


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