Thursday, 24 November 2022


his voice was hypnotic
I mean, he could just tell me what to do
and I would do it

it's a remix
of a remix

S H W  T R T H S  2 2
volume up - 720p

optimized for night vision


SHADOW TRUTHS: the short story

both remixes, ONE LIFE & SHADOW TRUTHS were my two lead tracks
on the first draft of One Life in early 2019
anchors of sorts - setting the tone
ya, gloomy

ah, the human condition
what do you say we just skip that part
so depressing

as the album grew/changed, they became too dark
when more optimism was surfacing
so I pulled them both in early 2021
to make room for more light

3 years later a look/listen and new remixes
lil nip & tuck, a little silver spray, charcoal smudge
and a crisper re-bake, both now morphed w/2 tracks
from my temple redux CD in logic
same visuals in final cut

viewer discretion is advised
they're still dark, but perhaps
worth watching

JL 29.11.22

O N E  L I F E  2 2
volume up - 720p

boys will be boys
it's all in the conquest 

it's a remix of a remix

source music w/aljosha konstanty, alun davies, ron allan 
feat. alla kadysh

special thanks to GRADO LABS in Brooklyn NY
for understanding how headphones
should be made